The New Reality

The New Reality

What is Metaverse

Metaverse is an open-source public blockchain that aims to provide digital assets and digital identities. Through Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS), we make convenient, secure digital financial services accessible to all Internet applications at virtually no cost.

Founded in 2016, Metaverse went live in February of 2017. We strongly believe that blockchain technology is the catalyst for a better future - the New Reality.

MST + Avatar + Oracles + On-chain Exchange


The New Reality

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Digital Assets (MST) Digital assets (Metaverse Smart Token) on Metaverse blockchain are trust-free, traceable and immutable decentralized smart properties that can be freely registered, transferred, issued, deposited, used as collateral and burnt.
Digital Identity (Avatar) Digital identities are self-sovereign identity ledgers on the Metaverse blockchain. Digital credit is created through interactions with assets and other identities.
Oracle Intermediary Oracles are service providers with digital identities. Rather than decentralization, Metaverse integrates intermediaries into the blockchain, providing rapid and transparent supervision.
On-chain Exchange Metaverse allows value to be exchanged freely and easily. Control of assets is returned to the user, preventing asset theft.
Metaverse White Paper
Digital Identity White Paper

ETP Markets

Metaverse ETP is the token used on Metaverse and can be used to measure the value of smart properties in Metaverse or as collateral in financial transactions. ETP is also used to pay transaction and other fees applied on Metaverse.

Our Team

Metaverse has assembled a dynamic and professional international team with a management layer that pursues excellence and experienced developers.

Eric Gu
Eric Gu Founder and CEO
Chen Hao
Chen Hao CTO and Co-founder
Lau Senior Blockchain R&D Engineer
Sven Senior Blockchain R&D Engineer
Shawn Senior Blockchain R&D Engineer
Yang Senior Blockchain R&D Engineer
Bert Wu
Bert Wu BaaS BD Manager
Aaron Tsai
Aaron Tsai Chief Capitalist of Metaverse Foundation


  1. 2018
  2. Mainnet Consensus Upgrade

    3.22 Testnet Release: First phase of Digital Identity / Digital Asset - function enhancement / adjustment of coinlock interest

  3. BaaS (Developer community)

    Q1 - Q2 SDK Launch and collection

  4. End of May Mainnet Release (Hard-fork1:SuperNova): First phase of Digital Identity / Digital Asset - Function Enhancement / Adjustment of coinlock interests


    Q2 - Q3 Cloud Service and Architecture Integration

  6. August Testnet Release: Second phase of Digital Identity upgrade / Digital Asset 2.0: onchain-exchange


    Q4 - 2019 Q1 Adjust Incentives for contributions to infrastructure / Smart Contract template set / Smart Contract Service integration

  8. End of October Mainnet Release (Hard-fork2): Second phase of Digital-identity upgrade / Digital Asset 2.0: onchain-exchange

  9. 2019

Metaverse Ambassador Program

Jack South Korea
Penny Hong Kong
Mohamed Africa
Manlin Dai
Manlin Dai San Francisco - Bay Area

Metaverse aims to revolutionize the way financial services and transactions are processed. Financial institutions, governments and businesses are increasingly confident that blockchain technologies will ultimately transform how services are conducted, operated and delivered.

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